We are dedicated to the creation of interactive audio events in unusual, hidden and forgotten spaces, creating temporary societies of unlikely cohorts.

Music gives you the opportunity to connect with those around you – even only momentarily. It’s intangible and abstract. It’s literally nothing but air shimmering, yet it can make thousands of people feel as if they are one – unified in that moment.

We Are Stems aims to purposefully shape the societies that are created when people come together in sound. We hope to amplify a feeling of community and connection with projects which recognise the invisible, but substantial connections between humans.


People are at the core of our work, but technology is the catalyst. It can often feel like technology is disengaging us from one another - this is evident in the shift toward online social lives, and made more tangible by the necessity of social distancing.

But this disengagement is not ‘built-in’ to the technology and it is important to find ways of harnessing it to bring people together.

Technology also offers us the freedom to perform anywhere – with limitless opportunities to unite people through audio events.

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